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SUGAR: What to eat and what to avoid.

Figuring out how to eat sugar, when to eat it, how much to eat can be and what sugars to avoid can be complicated for most of us. Your physical activities and lifestyle should be the first guide on how much sugar to take. For instance, those who exercise 3-5 times a week can enjoy […]

What to Eat Before and After a Hike

Hiking is a powerful cardio workout that has very many benefits to our bodies and mind. Most beginner hikers wonder what it is that they need to eat before the actual hike, during the hike and after the hike. Food preparation before long hikes should be taken very seriously, as seriously as your health and […]

Lake Magadi

Lake Magadi/Nguruman expedition There are a few things about Enkuruman that make it stand out from the some of the places I have been, as a travel/hiking destination. One, you get to see Lake Magadi and its beautiful landscapes. Two, you encounter the bush but still have the conveniences of city life. Three, you get […]

Mt Olongonot ASL run

The run that was   “The challenge was tough but worthy, those stairs ooh no it is a test of superfitness. Highest point was another, you couldn’t even try any run or jog only manoeuvring up the steps. Downhill requires extreme muscles to hold that momentum so as to avoid rolling down.     Felt great […]


Why outdoor running is considered better.  Burn crazy calories Outdoor running help body burn more calories due to • High wind resistance • Nature incline • Legs propel the motion forward.  Help score vitamin D Due to exposure to sun while running, the body absorb vitamin D from the sun.  Outdoor running […]