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5 Tips to Getting Back on Track after the Holidays

Holidays always get us in that good mood which leads to eating the foods we have been avoiding or eating in moderation all year. Well, It is okay to enjoy ourselves with our loved ones with the foods that bring joy to our souls, but the question most of us have is, how to get back on track with eating right and maintaining or recreating our fitness routines. 

I have 5 tips that really help my clients get back in shape and in the routines, they had set up before the holidays.

1. Clear all unhealthy foods from Your Pantry

Yes, you need to clear all the snacks and the unhealthy foods to avoid temptations. After doing so, Stock your Pantry and refrigerator with whole-food, nuts, greens and vegetables and fruits. So say goodbye to the snacks and the junk foods and you will be glad you did this.

2. Plan your meals

Being Intentional is key in getting back on track. Knowing what you will eat the next meal and the next day leaves no room for eating unhealthy food. I mean, failing to plan is planning to fail. On Sunday, write down a meal plan for the week, Ensure you have your Proteins and Vegetables In every main meal that you eat and that the snacks you are taking are healthy snacks.

3. Hydrate

During the holidays, it’s very easy to forget to drink water. Ensure that your body is hydrated by drinking water and you will be amazed by how your body will respond when hydrated. 

4. Exercise

For most of us, we relax a bit when it comes to exercise during the holidays. To get back on track, pick a movement that you like and do it. Give it 15 minutes of your day and increase gradually as you slowly get back on track.  Enrol yourself in the nearest gym, getting a certified trainer will help a lot too.

5. Sleep

It is recommended that adults sleep 7-9 hrs a day. This is very important when it comes to achieving your health goals. Depending on your schedule, set a bedtime reminder to avoid sleeping too late. It might take about 1 week to get back to your usual sleeping routine.

Do those five steps and you will be on the right path to redefining your health goals of the year.

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